Thursday, May 7, 2009

Target Thinking Skills

What thinking skills should I target for my classroom? How will the knowledge I gained from this module impact my teaching and students' learning.

Blooms – Comprehension, Application, Synthesis
Marzono’s – Acquisition & Integrating of Knowledge, Meaningful Use of Knowledge, Productive Habits of Mind
Costa & Kallick’s – Striving for Accuracy & Precision, Creating, Imaging, and Innovative, Learning Continuously

I will target these thinking skills for my Digital Imaging 2 classroom assignments. I feel it is important for my students to be able to apply what they learn to create projects that reflect the information learned. As I teach, I try to think of projects that allow my students to use the information in a creative way. For most of my projects, I teach a concept/standard, but require them to demonstrate what I taught visually. They not only have to show me that they were able to incorporate the concepts,but be able to interpret their project based on the topic taught.

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