Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Projects Provide Opportunities for Deeper Thinking

How can projects provide opportunities for deeper thinking in my classroom?

Well-designed projects allow the student to be the center of the learning process. If the projects are aligned with the standards, students have clear objectives regarding what they need to know. This process let the student immerse themselves in real-world situations in which they need to investigate for themselves the solution to problems presented to them.

Opportunities to explore multiple types of assessment will allow students to process information in a way that allows them to express themselves using learning style that best fits each student. It also allows the teacher to achieve a higher quality of work than would otherwise be gained from a single type of assessment, such as multiple choice.

Real-world connections allow students to become more engaged in the learning process and allow students to make a connection to authentic activities and projects to which they can gain ownership in the learning process. A variety of instructional stategies ensures that each student will be able to succeed and process information as needed. This allows students to use metacognitive and cognitive thinking skills as they self-monitor, problem solve and make good decisions about the outcome of their work.

Technology can be very beneficial in allowing students to explore various ways of sharing their ideas with each other and outside the classroom. It also allows for more development of thinking skills.

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  1. I agree students should be the center of the learning in the classroom. Real-world connections definitely allow students to be more engaged. I love using technology in the classroom with my first grades. It definitely keeps them more engaged in the learning.